The Ontario QSO party was in full swing and I was having a ball logging lots of CW QSOs, mostly US stations hunting for VE3s and VA3s. Then I heard another Ontario station calling and I thought to myself “I just gotta bag this one!” So I called him back and then the frequency fell silent.

The station that was calling was VE3KOT in Oakville, Ontario. I am VA3KOT in Owen Sound, Ontario. After a short delay he asked me to repeat my callsign.

When I received his QSL card in the mail a few weeks later he explained the delay:

“Hello John! When you called me during the Ontario QSO Party I thought I was hearing my own callsign and was confused for a moment.”

However, after I repeated my callsign, Gene VE3KOT and I, John VA3KOT completed the QSO. We were both pleased to meet each other. It was just one of those happy coincidences that help to make ham radio so much fun. As has been said, “ham radio is the original social media”. I guess that should be “social medium” but why be pedantic.

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