A Radio Sled for Winter Outdoor Ops

VA3KOT’s Radio Sled

Winters in Southern Ontario last too long! Especially when your principal interest in amateur radio is operating in the Great Outdoors.

So, I built a sled. It is based on what ice-fishing enthusiasts call a “Smitty Sled”; I call it simply my radio sled. A pair of child-size downhill skis were purchased at a local charity shop for the princely sum of $7. Eight angle brackets, a can of rust paint/primer and a few fasteners were also needed. All in the total cost was around $30.

The antenna – apart from a 9ft long telescopic whip from Buddipole, was entirely home-made too – even the coil. I will provide details of the coil construction in a separate post.

Now, snow be damned, my radio sled is going to get me outside to do some wintertime outdoor CW!

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